How to Start Living Slower: A Mother's Guide to Mindfulness and Movement Hello world!

by Fiona Flecken
by Fiona Flecken

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In the whirlwind of motherhood, with its early mornings, endless to-dos, and unpredictable moments, it’s easy to feel like life is rushing by. For many mothers, this constant pace leads to burnout, exhaustion, and the unsettling feeling of missing out on life’s little moments. The remedy? Embracing slow living, complemented by an active lifestyle rooted in good movement. Here’s how to begin:

1. Understand Slow Living

Slow living isn’t about doing everything at a snail’s pace but embracing intentionality. It’s the art of being present, savoring each moment, and prioritizing what truly matters. For mothers, this might mean choosing quality time with our children over an overflowing schedule, or taking a moment for ourselves amidst the daily hustle.

2. Start Small

You don’t need to revamp your entire life overnight. Start with moments. Dedicate the first ten minutes after waking up to a calm routine, perhaps stretching or sipping your morning tea in silence. These pockets of slowness will gradually expand as you recognize their value.

3. Prioritize Good Movement

Motherhood is physically demanding. Chasing toddlers, carrying babies, or bending repeatedly can take a toll on our bodies. Incorporate good movement into your daily routine. This doesn’t necessarily mean a structured workout— it can be dancing with your kids, stretching during playtime, or simply being mindful of your posture and movements. Active living supports not only physical health but also mental well-being.

4. Schedule ‚Nothing‘ Times

In our overbooked lives, the idea of scheduling ’nothing‘ might sound counterproductive. But these are the moments when you genuinely do nothing: no chores, no screens, just being. It can be a time for reflection, reading, or simply gazing out of the window. These moments, devoid of distractions, help reset the mind.

5. Digital Detox

While technology is a blessing, it’s often the primary culprit behind our rushed lives. Allocate specific times in the day when screens are off-limits. Maybe it’s during meals, an hour before bedtime, or weekend mornings. This not only promotes mindfulness but offers quality, undistracted time with loved ones.

6. Reconnect with Nature

Nature inherently moves at a slower pace. The gradual change of seasons, the unhurried pace of a sunset, or the steady rhythm of waves can teach us a lot about slow living. As a family, spend more time outdoors. It’s beneficial for mental peace, and the physical activity, be it walking, hiking, or just playing in the park, is a fantastic way to integrate good movement into your routine.

7. Practice Saying ‚No‘

Not every invitation, obligation, or request deserves a ‚yes‘. Prioritize events and tasks that align with your values and contribute positively to your life. Saying ’no‘ can free up time, reduce stress, and allow for moments of slowness and reflection.

8. Celebrate Small Moments

In slow living, every moment, no matter how mundane, holds value. Celebrate them. Maybe it’s the way your child’s face lights up with a smile, the aroma of your evening tea, or the satisfaction of a stretch well done. Cherishing these moments amplifies the essence of slow living.

In conclusion, an active lifestyle centered around good movement complements slow living beautifully, creating a harmonious balance between physical well-being and mental tranquility. As mothers, we deserve the beauty, peace, and rewards of such a life. Start today, start slow, and watch life transform in the most magical ways.

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