The colours of India

The colours of India

On And Off the Mat

Spiritual Practice is often associated with actions that occur on a rectangular mat or meditation cushion. From one perspective this is valid. There are important techniques to learn that open the possibility of a new way of living, experiencing ourselves and the world around us.

Vedanta 'practice' is typically associated with non-doing, subtle practice and/or meetings to explore questions about consciousness. This may include meditation - as part of the gathering or afterwards.

Either way the 'full' practice begins in relationships - with people and in our daily activities - 'Life is the Teacher' is a good way to express this reality.



Equipping people with the tools and capability to bring a conscious approach to all aspects of living is central to holistic practice that can allow spiritual development/Self-realisation. This is why I draw on the wisdom contained in: Yoga, Ayurveda, The Fourth Way, Adviata Vedanta and the Direct Path.

This approach promotes:

  • Self practice

  • Helping people to be their own teacher

  • Community of equals

  • Personal verification of all ideas

  • Friendship rather than leadership

  • Enjoyment and simplicity

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What you can expect

  • Respect, kindness, dignity

  • Compassion, tolerance, patience

  • Empathy and support

What you can bring

  • Questions

  • Your experience

  • Willingness to explore new ideas

While you live, practice meditation. Do not meditate only hidden in a dark corner, but mediate always, standing, sitting, moving, and resting. When your meditation continues throughout waking and sleeping, wherever you are is heaven itself.
— Hakuin