Schedule 2018-19

Study freedom and consciousness practices in London. Classes integrate:

Yoga: pranayama, meditation, kriyas and asana

Fourth Way: self-remembering, acceptance and attitudes, transformation of suffering

Non-Duality: Letting go of practice, abiding in the Self; contentment, not seeking or resisting; being not doing

Ayurveda: diet for a healthy body/mind and to make higher states of consciousness more accessible.

This holistic approach also brings to life the relevance and importance of these great philosophical systems and makes it meaningful in everyday life.

Working in small groups and private lessons is an effective way to share the essence of these teachings in a way that enables people to be self-reliant and confident in their own practice. I also provide coaching and counselling online.

View from Primrose Hill over central London

View from Primrose Hill over central London

Wednesday 6.30-8.00 in NW3

A group class for people who want to develop a comprehensive Yoga and Vedanta practice - and learn new techniques to improve quality of life and experience. 


Private Classes by Appointment

Individual lessons at your home and tailored to your requirements. Private classes can also be scheduled at your office.


Online Consultation, Coaching and Counselling

For people living outside London who wish to have a safe, confidential space to discuss all aspects of their yoga practice, spiritual path and personal and professional life.