Appreciating beauty we can realise the Divine - the One - within and without.

Appreciating beauty we can realise the Divine - the One - within and without.


Philosophy is both mystical and very practical - freedom or liberation is not an abstract concept, it is the purpose of life.

I reference five main sources:

  • The Fourth Way - taught by Peter Ouspensky and Rodney Collin - focused on being present and self-remembering - based on the teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff.

  • Yoga - the eight-limb path set out by Patanjali in The Yoga Sutra (based on Samkhya philosophy); other texts like the Yoga Yajnavalkya and Yoga Vashishta.

  • Advaita Vedanta - non-duality - taught by masters like Ramana Maharshi; and Yoga as described in the Bhagavad Gita. And Kashmir Shaivism. Also, the Direct Path of Krishna Menon, now brought to life by Rupert Spira.

  • Kundalini Vidya -

  • Ayurveda the ancient Indian science of holistic health and healing.

These approaches have a singular focus - abiding in our true nature of awareness (or consciousness) and living from this understanding. Freedom is our true nature.

These are different ways to profound truth - dualist and non-dualist approaches are both valid and complementary - it is only a limitation of the (formatory) mind to see them in opposition.

Over the last 32 years I have integrated these profound traditions through daily practice - which includes active and subtle techniques, acceptance and surrender, doing and non-doing. This work applies on, and mainly off the mat - hence the URL of this site. In that sense I belong to, and partake in, the community of spiritual seekers around the world. 

You meet your fate on the road you took to avoid it
— Sufi saying
Enlightenment is the end of one process – thinking and feeling oneself to be a separate, limited self – but the beginning of another – the realignment of the body, mind and world with this new, experiential understanding.
— Rupert Spira